Electric Scooters for urban commutes that you can buy with confidence and ride safely.

Getting you to where ever you may want to go with style and ease.


New developments in reliable battery and electric motor technology is driving a whole new way to get around.


Electric wheels makes sense for those short trips when you do not want or need to use the car.


Enjoy the freedom of using your electric wheels, no need to work up a smelly sweat just to get around anymore.


There is a lot to be said about battery power for lowering your costs for urban travel, those short trips or local journeys.

The Cost Issue:

If the recharge cycle takes between 4 to 8Hrs, at say 2p per hour thats just under 20p.

Or put another way, for just under £1 you can go around 150 miles.

If you charge up your battery every day thats £1.40 a Week. Compare that to your car parking fees.

How long will the Battery Last?

With the life of these modern batteries measured in the number of times you recharge them with recharge cycles of 1,000,

If you charge up your battery every day thats just under 3 years before you need a new one.


The Battery

Light weight batteries are now available made with Lithium, Li-Ion. Extra eco friendly versions of this technology are made with Silicon.
Silicon batteries are cheaper but dont last as long as Li-ion.

Where is the motor?

The workhorse that propels you around is a very reliable, low maintenance brushless electric motor, fitted unobtrusively into the hub of the rear wheel.

Commuting has never been easier, now what did I do with my car?


With the increase in cycle paths and growing popularity of urban travel ways it is now easier and safer to use your electric wheels.


These electric wheels represents cost effective, environmentally friendly mode of personal transport.
Also allowing those who may not be very fit to enjoy the freedoms of greater mobility.



Probably the most environmentally friendly way
to scoot around town today!!